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Nov 30, 2021

Give Your Restaurant Menu a Makeover

Updating and Refreshing a Tired Restaurant Menu

If you’re in the restaurant business, you know how important the menu is. Sometimes, that menu needs a refresh, and there’s no shame in taking a long look at it to figure out what works and what needs to change. Some studies show that even slight changes to a menu can result in a significant boost in sales! The Organic Restaurants blog has seen many healthy eateries in action, so we know a few things about how to spice up a menu and give your customers a new experience.

Wake Up Your Tired Menu — We Can Help!

Invest in Premium Ingredients

It’s not just the menu items themselves that might need a refresh. The ingredients used to make them could also use a second look. Investing in premium ingredients can make your food even better, but it can also give your restaurant more prestige in the eyes of customers. Many diners are willing to pay more for better ingredients, like organic or antibiotic-free ones, and that means that they are spending more money at your restaurant.

Try Out More Seasonal Fare

You can also vary up your menu by offering more seasonal dishes. This can be a great way to keep your menu fresh at different times of the year and keep people coming back. You can also use your seasonal dishes as motivation to buy more local ingredients! This is a great idea for many reasons, but it’s also yet another thing that customers have begun to appreciate.

Bring in More Global Dishes

It’s also apparent that diners are seeking out more dishes from other parts of the world these days. If you can add more dishes from other regions and do them justice, this is a great way to freshen up your menu. Give your customers a new experience from another part of the globe.

Add More Breakfast Items

Breakfast items are gaining in popularity. If you don’t serve breakfast, think about a way that you could add it to your menu. If you do already serve the most important meal of the day, think about expanding that menu and making it available at other hours. Many diners love brunch or late-night breakfast, so if those are feasible options for your eatery you should give them a try.

Refresh the Menu Design Too

If you’re refreshing the menu, refresh the menu design too. Pick a design that suits your restaurant and its vibe and try adding more in-depth descriptions of your menu items. Some diners might be more inclined to try out your “slow-roasted organic, free-range chicken,” as opposed to the plainer “roast chicken.”

Go Digital

Also, make sure that your menu is online and easy to access and read. Many prospective diners look online before picking a restaurant these days, so make sure that you’re catching their attention!

If you want to learn more about organic menu options and other ways to impress your customers, visit our website. The Organic Restaurants blog is full of helpful tips for restaurant owners and insights about modern diners!

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