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Jul 15, 2021

Healthy Alternatives for Favorite Comfort Foods

If you’re anything like all of us here at the Organic Restaurants blog, you probably have some go-to comfort foods. We all have meals and snacks that make us feel better, but there is a drawback to many of them. Most of our favorite comfort foods are not exactly healthy.

Fortunately, you can change that. There are ways to make that traditional comfort food a little bit healthier, and there are some healthy options that can make for some great comfort food with some tweaks.

Mac and Cheese

It’s hard to find a better comfort food than mac and cheese, but it’s not exactly healthy even if you opt for all organic ingredients. Fortunately, there are ways that you can replicate the feel of mac and cheese without much of the fat. Your best option could be a vegan take on mac and cheese, which uses ingredients like butternut squash that can imitate the creaminess of melted cheese without as many calories.


Nachos are a delicious, cheesy treat, but they’re not exactly healthy. Many of the calories and much of the salt come from the tortilla chips themselves, so what if we tried to swap them out for something else? One healthy option is cauliflower, sliced into a flat and chip-like shape. You can season them and bake them, and then it’s time to cover them with toppings.


We all love a juicy hamburger, but they can be quite high in fat so they’re not something you should be grilling up all the time. Fortunately, there are some healthy alternatives available. Veggie burgers are an obvious option. Black bean burgers are a popular choice, but there are also other patties based on other vegetables and vegetarian options, from chickpeas to cauliflower. These burgers are full of flavor and nutrients, without some of the bad stuff that comes from burgers.


Pancakes can be high in calories and carbohydrates, but a different approach to making the batter can help make them a bit healthier. Make sure that you use a recipe that cuts out the sugar and other extras that you don’t need. You can also look at recipes that use some unique ingredients, like Greek yogurt. There are plenty of healthier pancake options out there.

French Fries

Fries are delicious, but they’re not exactly healthy. Fortunately, you can sub out the potatoes and opt for other vegetables if you want to replicate the french fry experience without some of the calories. Sweet potatoes, zucchini, and even beets could all be made into delicious, baked fries. You just need some seasoning and some tasty dipping sauces to go with them.

For More Healthy Eating Ideas

If you’re looking for other ways to change up your diet and eat a little healthier, we can help. Visit our website and learn more about organic food, local food, and how to find amazing healthy meals near you.

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