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Jun 14, 2020

Denver Trails & Organic Restaurants

Hike Denver’s Best Trails, and Then Recharge at The Top-Rated Organic Restaurants

It’s pretty well established that the health benefits of an organic diet free of processed foods leaves you with an increased energy level. And it’s no surprise that those who do live healthier lifestyles tend to spend that added energy enjoying the outdoors. If you live in Denver, both of these lifestyles are easy to access. In this blog, we’ll help you get out and enjoy the wilderness by providing a brief overview of some of the best hiking trails that you can easily make a day trip out of visiting. After that, we’ve compiled a shortlist of organic restaurants where you can go to eat healthy organic meals and recharge after a day on the trails. 

Hiking for Your Health

Hitting the trails gives you a number of health benefits. Increased physical activity can help control weight and lower body fat and cholesterol levels. It also has a positive impact on your mental health, as it helps to lower stress levels and helps provide a stronger foundation for your mental wellbeing. Here are some of the most popular destinations within 30 minutes of the city. 

Easy Hikes

If you’re just starting to explore hiking as a way of increasing your physical activity, or just looking for some of the less difficult trails out there, start with some of these:

  • Bluffs Loop is part of the Bluffs Regional Park and provides a wide trail that is easy to navigate and provides amazing views of the Front Range Mountains.
  • Clear Creek Trail is great for families, offering a paved path that transitions to a dirt trail and offers easy access to the Clear Creek. 

More Challenging Hikes

Are you looking for more challenging hiking trails? Try these destinations to really get the blood flowing:

  • Panorama Point is one of the easiest to access trails that provides amazing views of the Front Range and provides an alternative to Mt. Falcon.
  • Bergen Peak lies on the western edge of Elk Meadows with sweeping panoramic views of the mountains to the west. 

Denver’s Amazing Organic Restaurant Scene

Denver is known for being ethnically diverse and one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. The restaurant scene has grown and adapted to local demand, and out of that demand has sprung a crop of amazing organic-focused dining options. Here are just a few of the options out there: 


What’s Your Favorite Refueling Station in Denver? 

Exploring Denver’s beautiful hiking trails will leave even the healthiest outdoor enthusiast in need of a recharge. Organic Restaurants is here to help you hikers find healthy Denver-based organic restaurants that offer healthy dining options after a tough day on the hiking trail. Don’t see your favorite organic dining destination in our database? Make sure to tell them about our website. Do you manage one of Denver’s organic restaurants that hasn’t yet claimed its free profile? Explore your listing options and increase your brand’s visibility. 

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