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Mar 5, 2021

How Restaurant Layout & Design Can Boost Business

Sometimes attracting more diners to your organic vegan restaurant doesn’t come down to your menu or the ingredients you use. Sometimes something as simple as the design of your restaurant can help improve business! At Organic Restaurants, we have seen plenty of restaurant design choices, and we’ve learned some ways that proprietors could attract more customers.

Know What Kind of Clientele You Want

Is your organic restaurant a family restaurant or is it a go-to for date nights? Are you upscale or more affordable? Knowing what kind of vibe you’re going for and what kind of clientele you want to attract is vital. Then you need to think about what design choices are best at attracting those kinds of diners. Different types of customers have different things that they’re looking for in an organic vegan restaurant, and the design choices you make can do more to attract the particular demographic you want sitting at your tables.

Employ Distinct Decorations

Diners are looking for a new experience, and the design aesthetic you choose for your restaurant can help you portray your establishment as something new. Distinct decorations, like artwork from local artists, can help your restaurant stand out. Bonus points for anything that makes for a great Instagram photo, like an outdoor mural.

Pick the Right Kind of Lighting

This goes hand in hand with knowing what kind of dining establishment you want to run. A spot that’s great for first dates won’t have the same kind of lighting as a casual place where people go to grab takeout for lunch. The lighting should complement the theme of your restaurants and the decorations inside.

You can also opt for more decorative lighting options, like chandeliers, sconces, and other stylish options. Lighting that can adapt to different crowds is also good. For example, you may want to dim the lights for the dinner crowd but have a lighter, more lively tone during the lunch rush. Lighting can’t be neglected.

Choose the Right Furniture

Think more about what kind of feeling you want diners to have in your restaurant and consider the overall design theme when picking out furniture. Booths might be ideal for a quick-service eatery, while luxurious sofas and crafted wooden furniture might be more at home in a more upscale establishment. Making sure that everything goes together is paramount if you want to set the right mood, attract the customers you’re looking for, and keep them coming back.

Put a Menu Outside

If your restaurant is in an area with a lot of foot traffic, put an easy-to-spot menu right outside. Some dining decisions are made on impulse, and someone walking by might just spot your menu and decide to give you a try. You already have the menus. Putting one outside doesn’t take a lot of effort and could pay off in a big way.

Learn More About Restaurant Design

If you run a restaurant that serves organic food, do not neglect its design or aesthetics. Visit the Organic Restaurants blog and website to learn more about how the design of your eatery can catch the eye of potential customers.

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