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Nov 30, 2021

How to Encourage Your Tweens and Teens to Try Vegetarian Options

Can Vegetarian Be Kid-Friendly?

Getting your kids to try new things can be tough. Getting your kids to try healthy vegetarian options can be even tougher! Fortunately, there are a few ways to introduce your tweens and teens to organic eating options without scaring them away. Here’s what you can do to gradually introduce some more vegetarian options into their diets.

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Try Vegetarian Takes on Classics

Don’t go overboard right away. Instead, try offering some vegetarian takes on some of the classic meals that they already love. Veggie burger alternatives, like black bean burgers, are flavorful and won’t scare off younger eaters who aren’t into bland vegetables. There are also other meat substitutes, including vegetarian replacements for sausage and chicken, that offer plenty of flavor and nutrition.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. Take food that your teen already likes, and opt for vegetarian alternatives instead.

Adapt Some Recipes You Already Use

On that same note, you can also adapt some of the recipes that you already use to make healthy vegetarian meals. If a meal normally uses chicken, steak, or pork, try using a meat substitute, like tofu or tempeh, instead. There are plenty of ways to use meatless ingredients in common dishes, and the familiarity might encourage the pickier eaters in your family to give a new vegetarian meal a fair shake.

Add More Fries to the Menu

If you’re looking for a really easy way to get younger people to try out more vegetarian options, fries could be the way to go. French fries are made from potatoes and don’t offer much nutritional value, but other options are healthier and still go great with different dipping sauces.

You can try out fries made from sweet potatoes, beets, zucchini, and many other types of vegetables. These can be a great way to change up a favorite meal and add some more nutrients to everyone’s diet.

Get Kids in on Meal Prep

Letting the kids take part in the meal preparation might also encourage them to try out more vegetarian options. If they were involved in cooking something, they may be more likely to eat it. While this “trick” won’t work with every kid, it could help some expand their palates.

Find New Restaurants

You can also find new places to go to as a family. The Organic Restaurants website can help you find plenty of great family restaurants near you. The excitement of eating out at a new place can encourage your kids to expand their horizons and try out vegetarian options that they might not have asked for at home. Encourage them to try out different menu items and things that may not normally make the way to your dinner table.

If you want to learn more about the organic and vegetarian options near you, visit our website and blog. We can teach you more about eating healthy and making the most out of your family meals together!

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