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Sep 14, 2021

How To Write A Restaurant Review

Write Better Restaurant Reviews and Your Audience Will Love You

If you’re writing a restaurant review, you want to make sure that it’s as informative as possible. That means preparing properly and ensuring that your review hits a few different bullet points that will be important to a prospective diner. At Organic Restaurants, we’ve seen plenty of reviews. Here’s what you need to do, to sum up, your experience at your local eatery.

Do Your Research

Don’t just go in blind. Do some research beforehand and learn more about the restaurant you’re visiting. Who owns the restaurant? What kind of previous experience does the chef have? Is the restaurant organic? Do they buy locally?

All of these things can help you learn more about what a restaurant is trying to accomplish and what a good experience at such an eatery should look like. Then you can more appropriately judge whether or not the restaurant succeeded in its goals.

Build a Narrative

Your review should form a narrative that tells the story of your entire experience dining at a restaurant. Start from how you were seated and guide readers through each step of the experience, including when you paid your check at the end of the meal. This can help readers learn more about how the dining experience will go, and that can help them decide whether or not this kind of eatery is right for them.

Share Important Info About the Restaurant

You don’t just want to talk about your opinion. It’s also necessary to convey some general information about a restaurant since that can help someone decide whether an eatery is right for them. Is it the kind of place that takes reservations? Is there live music or entertainment? Is this the kind of place you would go to for date night, or is it more ideal for large groups?

Remember the Small Details

Sometimes it’s the small details that can help a review reader picture the experience. Take a notebook with you and don’t just jot down notes about the meal. Take note of the plate colors, how the food is presented, and what kind of music was playing. This can all help a potential diner see themselves in a restaurant, even if these details don’t seem as important as things like food quality or if the ingredients are organic.

Edit Your Piece

Spelling errors, bad grammar, and a lack of flow can all become distractions. If someone is reading your review, you want the focus to be the content, not the misspelled word in the third paragraph or the usage of an incorrect homophone in the intro. A quick edit can help you catch any errors and make it easier for someone to read your review and take it seriously.

Find a New Spot to Review Near You

If you’re looking for a new organic vegetarian restaurant to review, visit our website. Organic Restaurants makes it easy to find a new place to eat, and if you follow our tips your review can help even more people discover a new favorite!

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