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Aug 21, 2014

If You’re Going to Drink Coffee, Make Sure it’s Organic

Why Organic Coffee Is Healthier?
America is a nation of coffee drinkers, and although too much coffee is not good for you, studies have shown that a moderate amount of coffee is not harmful. One trend that’s quickly spreading is the consumption of organic coffee.

The reason for this trend is that research shows organic coffee may be healthier. While many health-food experts tout the importance of eating organic, this article will explain why it’s important to drink organic, too.

What Is Organic Coffee?

Like other organic produce, organic coffee is grown using methods that are less harmful to the environment. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has set regulations regarding organic coffee production. These prohibit the use of synthetic ingredients, including pesticides, fertilizers and certain herbicides, when growing coffee plants.

If you find an “organic” label on the coffee, you can rest assured that at least 95 percent of the coffee beans are organic according to USDA standards. Unfortunately, organic coffee does come with a higher price tag. Many consumers, however, find the price difference is minor compared to the reassurance they have from not consuming pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals.

America’s Organic Coffee Market

Organic coffee grows in 40 different countries around the world including the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Ethiopia and Peru. These are the leading coffee producers.

Each year, millions of pounds of organic coffee are imported into the United States and Canada, and the amount is growing year on year. Today, consumers can buy all sorts of organic coffee products including caffeinated and decaffeinated organic coffee, instant and flavored coffees, sodas, candies and chocolates containing organic coffee, as well as organic coffee-flavored ice cream and yogurt.

The decaffeination process for organic coffee must be performed in such a way that it does not conflict with USDA standards. There are two different methods, both of which use only water to remove the caffeine and carbon dioxide to decaffeinate the coffee.

3 Reasons Why Organic Coffee Is Better

  1. If you are going to drink America’s favorite morning beverage, it’s preferable to drink the organic variety. Here’s why:Not only are you protecting yourself against harmful pesticides, as organic coffee cannot contain too many of these, but you are also protecting the health of the people who work in the coffee fields as they won’t be exposed to potentially toxic chemicals either.
  2. If you choose to drink fair trade coffee, the people growing the coffee and processing the beans are treated properly and paid a reasonable wage.
  3. Decaffeinated organic coffee is made using a non-chemical method, also known as the “Swiss Water Process.” This is far healthier than other methods.

Now that you know how to get a healthy pick-me-up in the morning, it’s time to expand your knowledge of organic living by finding restaurants that cater to clean eaters. can help you find a restaurant near you that serves organic dishes. To find one, please check out our Organic Restaurant Search page.


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