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Mar 31, 2016

Organic Wine and Its Benefits

organic wine

Wine has been produced and enjoyed by many for thousands of years. While it’s not for everyone, many like to enjoy a glass (or two) for its great taste, its relaxing effects on the mind and body and its health benefits. But what about organic wines? Let’s explore what makes wine organic and some of its benefits.

Organic wine is wine made from organic grapes and / or fruits through an organic process and is preserved organically without the addition of chemicals. There are basically 3 different levels of organic wine. 100% Organic wine is wine made from organically grown grapes or fruits and no chemicals are added at any point in the process or to extend its shelf life. Organic wine is made from 95% organic ingredients and it may contain sulfites or sulfur dioxide to improve its storage. Wine made from organic grapes or any other fruit is made of at least 70% organic ingredients and may also contain sulfites.

One of the downsides to organic wine is that it might cost more, but it might also cost the same as a fancier brand or a larger bottle. The other disadvantage is that it has a much shorter shelf life then non-organic wines due to the lack of or minimal use of sulfites and preservatives. But is it really so bad to have to finish a bottle of wine sooner?

Like food that’s organic, the health benefit of consuming organic wine over non-organic wine is that you’re not putting harmful chemicals in your body. Those who are allergic to sulfur also reap the benefits of 100% organic wines. Another benefit is environmental. Since organic wine is produced with no added harmful chemicals (or very little), those pesticides and fertilizers are not seeping into the air, water or soil. Plus, you get to enjoy all of the same numerous health benefits of non-organic wines like a healthier heart, protection against certain types of cancers, stronger bones and improved brain function. Of course, these health benefits are based on when wine is consumed in moderation.

Like we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, it’s all about your own personal preference. But the next time you’re looking for something new, think about trying a bottle of organic wine for yourself! You’ll be doing your mind, body and the environment a bit of good!


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