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Jun 6, 2020

Top San Diego Dog-Friendly Patios

San Diego’s Best Patio Restaurants

In San Diego, everyone is hitting the sidewalks with their best four-legged friends in tow. As we get out and about, we might want to take a break at our favorite local organic restaurant. The challenge, of course, is finding one with a dog-friendly patio so our dogs can accompany us without having to be left outside alone. Organic Restaurants has you covered. In this blog, we’ll explore some of our favorite summer dining spots that will let Spot sit at your feet out on the patio. 

Mild Summers, Great Time to Get Out and About

With a mild year-round climate, the summers in San Diego are a great time to explore the city. And it’s a great time for our dogs to get out and get some exercise. Combining these activities isn’t impossible, it just takes a little pre-planning to ensure our destinations will allow our dogs to be part of the day’s activities. 

Better Buzz Coffee

Start your day off with your morning organic, fair trade cup of coffee and, depending on which location you hit up, grab a breakfast sandwich or bowl of oats and berries. Menus are unique to each location and made with locally sourced ingredients when possible. Better Buzz roasts and delivers beans to its locations weekly, ensuring you’re getting the freshest cup possible. The Mission Beach location boasts a few outside tables, and you’ll have to leave your dog outside while you order, but if you order ahead, you can minimize the time they’ll be outside on their own.  

Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza & Grill

Once you’ve taken care of your morning to-do list, and it gets to be lunchtime, stop by Sammy’s for the casual pizzeria experience and snag one of their outdoor tables so you can enjoy the time with your dog. In addition to the amazing pizza, you can try their Mahi Mahi tacos or other lunch options made with fresh ingredients. Want to get involved in the local community? Check with the location to see what they’re doing for fundraisers and community events. 

Trilogy Sanctuary

A dinner time jaunt down to Trilogy Sanctuary doesn’t need to be taken alone. From the outdoor dining area, you can enjoy the vegan and gluten-free menu offerings from the rooftop outdoor seating area and watch an aerial or yoga class while you eat, or just enjoy the view of the Pacific. 

Don’t Go Out to Eat Alone, Bring Your Best Friend

Taking your dog out on the town with you for a walk doesn’t mean you need to miss out on some of San Diego’s greatest organic dining experiences. For more dog-friendly patios, search Organic Restaurant’s listings to see what else San Diego has to offer. Did we miss your favorite dog-friendly San Diego organic restaurant, or are you a manager or owner of a restaurant and haven’t yet claimed your free or premium profile? Take control of your organization’s listing with us and build your business. 
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