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Nov 17, 2020

Vegan Menu Options

How To Introduce Vegan Options On Your Restaurant’s Menu

Vegan food is rising in popularity, so maybe it’s time to add some more vegan options to your restaurant’s menu. There are plenty of organic dishes restaurants of all varieties can begin to offer, and these new items could help pull in customers that might not have given your restaurant a second look before. At Organic Restaurants, we suggest taking a few of these steps to get your vegan menu started.

Do a New Spin on Old Favorites

A great way to get your customers to try new vegan items is to choose things that are similar to items that are already on the menu. Let’s take burgers as an example. There are so many vegan and vegetarian burger options out there, including the Beyond Burger. This particular burger tastes a lot like regular hamburgers too, so they make a great stepping stone for “vegan-curious” diners who may not have tried a typical veggie burger.

If a diner comes to your place for a burger and there are multiple meat and vegan options, they’ll keep coming back. Whether that’s because of the variety of your menu and the desire to try anything, or because they’re picky eaters and you have just what they want, that’s good for your restaurant’s bottom line.

Clearly Mark Items

If you start adding vegan items to your menu it’s important to clearly mark them. You want people to know that you have these kinds of items on your menu in the first place, and then you want to make sure that they’re easy to find. Whether it’s a completely separate section of your menu or just a “V” or some other type of symbol next to certain dishes, your diners are sure to appreciate the extra effort.

Try Out Some Sides

There are plenty of great vegan side dishes out there aside from salad. Ingredients like beans and lentils are incredibly versatile and can be used to make a wide range of vegan sides that your diners will love. Experiment with different types of soups and roasted vegetable dishes. You can even make vegan varieties of macaroni and cheese! The availability of small side dishes might encourage more of your diners to try out vegan food and your restaurant’s vegan entrees.

Remember that Demand for Vegan Items is Rising

If you’re worried that adding vegan items to your restaurant menu is a waste of time, remember one important thing. Demand for vegan food is actually on the rise! Each year, more types of vegan products are introduced. More people become curious about vegan diets and lifestyles. Adding more variety to your menu is just a good thing, and adding more vegan items to your restaurant’s offerings is sure to offer a return on investment.

For More About Organic Food Options

If you want to learn more about how your eatery could add more vegan, organic, and other healthy options to your menu, we can help. Watch the Organic Restaurants blog for our latest updates and learn more about how your restaurant can attract new customers and capitalize on changing diner preferences.

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