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Jul 15, 2021

Who Needs Chowder? Great Organic and Vegetarian Choices in Massachusetts

Massachusetts may be known for its clam chowder, but there are plenty of other good destinations to hit if you love delicious organic food. If you’re looking for organic restaurants in Boston or the Cambridge area, we can point you in the right direction.

Life Alive

This organic cafe has multiple locations within the Boston area, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find no matter which area of the city you’re visiting. It offers vegetarian dishes like grain bowls and salads, and it sets itself apart with flavorful sauces and side dishes that won’t disappoint. You can also order a tea, smoothie, or juice from their varied menu and take it on the go with you.

Veggie Crust

In the mood for pizza? Veggie Crust offers a complete selection of pies that cater to diners who are not into gluten, along with many vegan and vegetarian pizza options. You can also check out the rest of their menu, which offers salads, sandwiches, and even vegan ice cream options.


This restaurant is known for offering a diverse menu that caters to dietary restrictions, so you’ll find plenty of vegan and vegetarian options to try out. Most of the plates are meant for sharing, so take a group here and take the time to enjoy a variety of menu items, including fares like the Spicy Wild Boar Dan Dan Noodles and Ming’s Market Greens.

Blue Nile

This restaurant serves a variety of vegetarian and vegan cuisine, all of which take inspiration from Ethiopia. The menu offers a variety of flavorful stews, like Misir Wat and Gomen Wat, which are ready to be eaten alongside injera, a flatbread from the region. If you like pita and naan, dipping this bread into the flavorful foods offered here will be second nature. There are also plenty of combo plates on offer, so you can try out a variety of dishes at once.

True Bistro

This eatery offers a more high-end experience for vegan diners. If you’re out on a date, enjoy the ambiance and dishes like tempeh skewers and fava bean ravioli. You may also enjoy the brunch menu.

Taco Party

This food truck recently expanded into its own restaurant space, giving diners who want a sit-down experience a chance to enjoy its vegan offerings. Obviously, tacos are on the menu, but you’ll also find vegan takes on tortas, nachos, and other Mexican food staples.

Walnut Grille

Every menu item found at the Walnut Grille is plant-based. There are a variety of vegan options that take inspiration from all over the world, and certain dishes can be made to be gluten-free or soy-free if anyone in your party has allergies to worry about. Anyone looking for flavorful and filling vegetarian food can’t go wrong here.

For More Organic Dining Ideas

Whether you’re traveling and looking for healthy food options or you’re ordering takeout and craving something new, visit the Organic Restaurants website. We have a full directory of organic and vegan eateries in your city and many others, so we’ll make it easy to find a new place you’ll love.

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