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Sep 17, 2020

Why Should I Eat Fermented Food?

Fermenting Food Benefits

There’s a reason that fermented foods have stood the test of time. The fermentation process can create unique, delicious foods that offer a variety of health benefits. At Organic Restaurants, we’re quick to tout the benefits of adding fermented foods to your diet. If you’re interested in adding more crucial nutrients to your diet or even in improving your mood, these foods could be a surprising source of assistance.

What is Fermentation?

If you want to save some food these days, you probably throw it in a cooler place like your fridge or freezer. Before that was an option, the fermentation process was created. This could preserve certain types of foods for an extremely long time and, in some cases, it could essentially change the food that was fermented into something else entirely.

Fermentation allows microorganisms, including bacteria and yeast, to convert organic compounds like sugars and starch into alcohols or acids. This can create foods with distinct flavors. Some fermented foods have a strong taste, others are sour. Most are quite interesting and end up making for a good addition to your organic diet.

Fermented foods include kombucha, a healthy beverage, and kimchi. Sauerkraut, a popular hot dog topping, is also fermented. Yogurt, a mainstay of many healthy diets, is a fermented food as well. Tempeh, a staple in vegetarian kitchens, is made from fermented soybeans. You can see from this diverse array of foods just how versatile the fermentation process can be.

Benefits of Fermentation

There are many good reasons to eat fermented foods. Here are some of the benefits of adding these products to your diet.

More Good Bacteria for Your Gut

Some think that modern diets and eating habits can add more bad bacteria to your gut. Fermented foods, on the other hand, can help your gut create more “good” bacteria. This good bacteria can help you digest food more effectively. If some foods bother you or you frequently suffer from upset stomachs, the good bacteria from fermented foods could help.

Can Help Your Body Make Vitamins

Fermented foods can also help your body produce more vitamins that are a crucial part of any healthy diet. If you need B vitamins, like B12, and vitamin K, adding more fermented foods to your diet can potentially help.

Absorb More Minerals

Consuming fermented foods can also help your body absorb more of certain nutrients. This is because some of the natural compounds found in certain foods can interfere with your absorption of some nutrients. When these compounds break down in the fermentation process, those barriers to absorption are removed so that you can get more zinc, iron, and other minerals out of your meal.

More Diverse Gut Bacteria Improves Health

Some studies have shown that having more diversity among your gut bacteria can help improve your health and fight back against chronic conditions, assist with weight loss, and improve heart health.

Fermented Foods Taste Great!

Want to know one of the biggest benefits of eating fermented foods? They taste great! They have interesting flavors and can serve as key ingredients in some of your favorite organic meals.

For More Organic Food Ideas

If you’re interested in learning more about fermentation and organic food, visit the Organic Restaurants website today!


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