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Jun 17, 2020

Indy Dog-Friendly and Organic Patios

Best Dog-Friendly Organic Restaurants in Indianapolis

As the economic and cultural center of Indiana, Indianapolis offers visitors and residents alike a mixture of midwest pragmatism and a social life built around communities rather than bustling street life. As with most metropolitan areas, the city has seen a growing popularity in organic restaurants in the last few years, and with summer upon us, it’s also time for long outside walks with our favorite four-legged furry friends. In this blog, Organic Restaurants explores some local organic restaurants that allow dogs to sit with patrons at their outside patio tables. 

Focus On Quality Ingredients 

Organic restaurants often try to take a more community-based approach in how they operate and how they serve customers. In order to be considered organic eateries, restaurants often will partner with local farms and suppliers in order to maximize the freshness of ingredients and help support the local economy. The Indianapolis organic restaurant scene has been expanding over the last few years, and several prominent operations also are open to allowing dogs to accompany patrons when they visit the outside dining areas. 

Vitality Bowls

The Superfood Cafe was founded in 2011 in California in an attempt by the owners to provide people like their daughter who had severe food allergies to be able to find safe, healthy alternatives for dining out. The franchise is a rapidly growing fast-casual concept that has made itself an integral part of the Indianapolis organic restaurant scene, and its menu is full of fresh organic ingredients. The Indianapolis location allows dogs outside in its patio area. 

First Watch

Another multi-unit concept that has made its home in the Indianapolis community, First Watch is a breakfast, brunch, and lunch cafe that executes traditional menu items from these day parts with a healthy twist to give diners the organic experience they’re looking for. Menus are localized and each location works with local growers to source fresh ingredients. The company is heavily involved in their local communities for sponsorships and donations. The Indianapolis locations allow dog owners to bring their pets onto the outside patio area while dining.

Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe

A truly local concept, Ezra’s grows veggies and herbs for the cafe at their own urban regenerative farm, and they source from local farms as often as possible. Almost completely vegan, the concept’s only concession is to incorporate raw sustainably sourced honey in order to support the local bee population safely. The cafe’s menu rotates and ranges from smoothies to salads and bowls and wraps. The cafe has numerous outside tables that can be shared with your pooch. 

Help Raise Awareness of the Indianapolis Organic Restaurant Niche

Healthy eating is here to stay as a trend in the restaurant industry, but it might not always be easy to find these hidden gems online. Our mission at Organic Restaurants is to create and expand awareness of the benefits of healthy eating and help diners find local restaurants who use sustainable and locally sourced ingredients in order to improve the quality of the food they serve. And it doesn’t hurt when they’re dog friendly and let you enjoy a healthy bite to eat on the patio with your best friend at your feet. Do you have a favorite Indianapolis restaurant that isn’t in our database or are you a manager or owner of an Indianapolis based organic restaurant? We want to hear from you, so we can help get your message out to the community and help support your business’s growth.  

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