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Sep 14, 2021

Foods That Keep You Hydrated

Eat These Foods to Stay Hydrated!

There are plenty of healthy foods that can hit the spot when you’re hungry, but did you know how many fresh produce items can hydrate you too? At Organic Restaurants, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite hydrating foods, mostly fruits and vegetables. These all have plenty of health benefits to offer, and they’ll help keep you hydrated if you’re one of the many who worries that they don’t get enough water in their diet. 


Watermelon is full of water, although we guess that isn’t a surprise to you since it’s right there in the name. A few chunks of watermelon can help hydrate you on a hot summer day, and this delicious fruit also comes packed with lycopene. This helps protect your cells from sun damage and can improve your complexion as well.


Berries like strawberries can also help quench your thirst. As a bonus, they are also full of flavonoids, useful compounds that help with cognitive function. Try some in a summer salad or just eat them by themselves.


Cantaloupe also contains plenty of water and makes for a perfect addition to any fruit salad. Not to mention, this popular fruit is full of fiber, so you’ll feel full afterward. It also contains vitamin A, which provides a big boost to your immune system’s health.


Eating celery can help hydrate you. It also contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamins, like vitamins A and K. It’s a healthy addition to any diet and it’s quite versatile. It can be used in salads, stir fry, and so many other types of dishes. Or you can grab a stalk and eat it all by itself.


Cucumbers are great for your skin and complexion. As a bonus, they’re full of water that keeps you going during the hot summer months. Add some sliced cucumbers to sandwiches or salads for a refreshing kick. You can even eat them on their own with your dip or dressing of choice.


Zucchini is also high in water content. It will hydrate you while offering a crucial dose of antioxidants, including beta-carotene and lutein. Both of these are great for eye health. Zucchini is incredibly versatile. You can grill it or turn it into noodles, but you’ll enjoy this flavorful veggie any way it’s prepared.

Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce, a common base for salads, is nearly 95% water in content! It’s rather low in nutrients though, so make sure that you add in some other greens that can add crucial vitamins and minerals to your summer salad.


This veggie is high in protein, vitamins, and water content. It’s perfect for adding to salads, it can be cooked up on its own as a side dish, or it can be used to create some unique burgers. Feel free to experiment with this nutritious green.

Learn More About Nearby Healthy Options

So if you’re looking for hydrating produce items at your local organic market, all of these can fit the bill. Visit the Organic Restaurants website and find more local options, including healthy restaurants and organic food trucks that can help you stick to your diet.

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