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Aug 19, 2020

Why You Should Add Mocktails to Your Restaurant Menu

Why Non-Alcholic Drinks Are A Good Idea To Add To Your Menu

Most restaurant owners know that adding alcohol and cocktails to the menu can be a big boon for overall sales. While there are many people who drink and will gladly try out your selection of alcoholic beverages, there are some patrons who have no interest in consuming alcohol. Leaving them out and leaving potential sales on the table is a mistake. That’s why we recommend adding “mocktails” to your menu.

No One is Left Out

Many people are sober. Some are just curious about sobriety and want to cut alcohol out of their diets for a bit to see how they feel. Others take part in pledges like “Sober January,” where they pause their normal drinking habits for an extended period of time.

These groups encompass quite a few people who could come to your restaurant. And if you only offer regular alcoholic cocktails, you’re leaving them out. By offering mocktails, you’re allowing people to still feel like they’re fully taking part in the night out with everyone else in their party.

Demand for Low and No Alcohol Drinks are Rising

Another reason to add mocktails to the menu is because demand for beverages with low amounts or no alcohol is rising. People being “sober curious” or concerned about wellness contribute to this, as could generational changes. For example, some restaurants and bars are finding that generation Z is drinking less alcohol than previous generations. Staying ahead of the curve and offering non-alcoholic drinks that are still fun can help you attract more customers.

You Could Make More Money

The addition of mocktails to your menu could help your bottom line for a few reasons. We alluded to some of them earlier. You’re not leaving anyone out, so people can order drinks even if they don’t like alcohol. Instead of paying just a couple of bucks for a soda or water, they might be willing to pay more for a well made mocktail if they feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. Have enough people who order mocktails instead of cheaper drinks, and you’ll start noticing the difference when you tally up the receipts at the end of the night.

Other customers for whom alcohol is not a viable option can also order mocktails. Pregnant women, for example, could still enjoy the flavors that a non-alcoholic mocktail has to offer. The designated driver for the night could appreciate the addition of mocktails to your menu as well.

You Get the Chance to Use Local Ingredients

Adding mocktails to your menu gives you a chance to use even more local organic ingredients. Organic fruits and vegetables are great for adding flavor to cocktails and mocktails alike, and now you’ll be able to give all of your customers a sample of the local flavors, even if they decide not to partake in alcohol for whatever reason.

Your Source for New Organic Food Ideas

So if you want to attract more business and incorporate more local healthy food into your menu, adding mocktails to your lineup is one way to go. Visit our website and find more ideas from Organic Restaurants that could help you attract more customers and diversify your menu with more organic food choices.


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