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Jun 20, 2020

El Paso’s Best Farm To Table

Eat Fresh With Farm to Table Hotspots in El Paso

No matter where you go in Texas, everything has to be bigger than life. When it comes to the organic dining scene, it holds true, mostly because there’s nothing a Southern business does better than support other local businesses when it has the chance to do so. And local sustainability and relationships lie at the heart of the organic restaurant experience. The El Paso culinary scene has been gradually embracing the organic offerings approach and the outcomes have been no less than amazing. Follow Organic Restaurants as we take you on a tour of the El Paso organic restaurants scene. 

A Border Town With A Passion for Food

The culinary landscape of El Paso is influenced by the city’s dual Mexican and American cultures, creating fantastically diverse and unique menus. Here are just some of the favorites from the region that have embraced the organic approach.  


Committed to the use of garden-fresh, locally sourced produce when possible, the restaurant also uses only grass-fed, antibiotic-free meats. Its scratch kitchen turns out contemporary menu items running the gamut from Asian fusion inspired appetizers to pizzas, and a whole range of burgers and pasta dishes in between. Greenery also maintains an in-house bakery that puts out muffins on a daily basis and supports the restaurant’s casual dining experience across lunch, brunch, and dinner.  

Ripe Eatery

It’s a challenge in restaurants to create a consistent, high-quality experience, even when you’re not also sourcing ingredients locally, but Ripe Eatery does both with a sense of style and finesse. They boast a scratch kitchen with no packaged or processed menu items in sight, and they receive daily deliveries of chicken and produce. Grass-fed beef tops off the list of organic items on offer, and the restaurant further builds eco-friendly, environment-focused practices into its everyday kitchen routines when possible. 

Taft Diaz

If you’re visiting El Paso, you’ll want to consider staying at the Stanton House, if only so it’s easier for you to experience the organic culinary excellence of Taft Diaz. The establishment’s chef sources from local providers to create a rich menu focused on the Mexican-American heritage that forms the foundations of El Paso. 

The Kitchen at 150 Sunset

The Kitchen at 150 Sunset is located inside an event center, but it doesn’t prevent this great establishment from offering organic and healthy breakfast and lunch menu items using locally sourced ingredients and access to a beautiful outdoor patio.  

El Paso Leverages Organic Mexican-American Cuisine to Full Effect

The organic restaurants in El Paso can be very diverse in their menu offerings, but truly shine when they combine locally sourced ingredients with the mixed heritage of their Mexican-American culture. At Organic Restaurants, we want to help connect diners seeking healthier dining experience with the restaurants who are dedicated to creating and executing unique culinary experiences supported by local growers, suppliers, and farmers. Are you an El Paso organic restaurant manager whose establishment hasn’t yet claimed it’s free or premium listing? Then get in touch with us so we can help you properly market your restaurant to diners looking for organic dining options in your area.  

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