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Feb 11, 2014

Where to Find Organic Food when Traveling

Thanks to Jill Ettinger for guest-blogging with us!

If summertime for you means hitting the open road, you’re not alone. It’s one of the best times to travel, which of course, can mean it’s one of the worst times for your diet. Where to find organic food when traveling can be a big question for the healthy road-tripper, but the answers may be simpler than you think.

While we live in the age of technological devices and apps galore, they can do little to help you find decent organic food in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Chances are you might not even have a signal anyway—a good sign you’re on a true vacation!

Traveling, while fun and relaxing, can be a bit stressful—from sitting in the car all day to navigating new terrain, and of course, getting out and seeing the sights. You need to be feeling your best, and a healthy diet is critical in that capacity.

So, without the comforts of home, or even a working smart phone to look for the nearest Whole Foods, you have to switch to plan B: your own savvy organic food finding skills. Ok, I’ll help a little…

Where to Find Organic Food on the Road

The Supermarket: Small towns may offer little more than a few diners and a pizza joint or two. Maybe a barbecue. Those aren’t exactly the pinnacles of health, let alone any organic food items on the menu. So, since it’s summer and all, why not take a picnic break? Hit the local supermarket and you might be surprised at what you find. Most supermarkets nowadays—even those in the middle of nowhere—have some organic offerings.

Check the produce section first for organic fruits and vegetables. You’ll typically find fresh salad greens, carrots, and a variety of seasonal organic foods. Perhaps you find some organic tofu and a loaf of bread…even a jar of organic mustard. Now, you’ve got yourself a picnic sandwich in the makings! Grab a bag of organic chips or pretzels and let the healthy eating begin.

The Farmers Market: Farmers markets are cropping up in record number around the country these days, even in the smallest towns. In fact, there you can find some of the freshest, yummiest local and organic foods. You may have to pop into the local tourist center or Chamber of Commerce to locate a farmers market, but it’ll be worth your while when you stock up on lots of yummy organic foods that are as fresh as can be.

Spas and Resorts: Small towns can be full of surprises and hidden gems like natural mineral springs, healing spas and resorts. Staying at one might not be in your budget, but you can sure stop into their café or restaurant for a fresh lunch. Most all-inclusive luxury spas and resorts have their own restaurants that specialize in healthy and organic foods. Perhaps you have time and the budget to get a massage, or take a soak before your meal, too.

JillEttingerJill Ettinger
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Jill Ettinger is the managing editor and a contributing feature writer for Organic Authority, EcoSalon and Naturally Savvy.

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