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Jan 20, 2021

How To Make Your Restaurant More Family Friendly

If you want to attract more families to your organic vegan restaurant or organic vegetarian eatery, there are a few things that you can do. There are many ways to please adults and kids with your menu, atmosphere, and everything else about your restaurant. Here are some steps that you can take if making your restaurant more family-friendly is a priority.

Rethink Your Waiting Areas

Make sure that your waiting areas have somewhere to sit. Parents will appreciate that, and it will be easier to keep kids corralled to that area if they have somewhere comfortable to hang out. If you can, add some stuff for kids to do in your waiting area. Books or magazines aimed at kids can help kill some time, and toys could also work if your space is big enough and you keep on top of cleaning and organizing.

Make Sure You Have Things Families Need

You can claim to be family-friendly, but if you don’t have the simple things that families need they will notice and be less likely to come back. We’re talking about a good supply of high chairs and booster seats so everyone can sit comfortably at the table, regardless of size or age. Also, make sure to have changing tables in both the men’s and lady’s restrooms. Every parent will appreciate this move.

Have Kid-Friendly Menu Items

If you’re a vegan or organic restaurant, you admittedly may not be the first stop for a family with picky kids. That’s why it’s important to offer a kid’s menu with options that they’ll like. For example, kids usually like french fries. Different takes on fries, like sweet potato fries or zucchini fries, could serve as a great gateway to more organic and vegan food.

Make Space

Families can take up a lot of space. They have strollers, diaper bags, and stuff for the kids. A cramped dining area isn’t going to cut it. Make sure that you have room for families and the items they brought with them at your tables, or have an area where they can safely stow a stroller. Making life more convenient for parents can help your restaurant get that family-friendly reputation.

Get Rid of Any Hazards

Kids can wander, even during a family meal. Make sure that there are no hazards that could cause a regrettable accident. Stairs leading down to a basement or access to the kitchen can present dangers, and nipping these problems in the bud is the smart and safe way to operate a family-friendly dining establishment.

Prioritize Service

Train your waitstaff and hosts well, making sure that they know how to deal with families. Kids may take a bit of patience to work with, but if your staff is good with families they will feel welcome. That means they keep coming back, and it could mean good word of mouth for your organic vegetarian restaurant.

For Restaurant Owners

If you’re running your own restaurant, visit the Organic Restaurants website and blog for more helpful tips. We offer plenty of resources to owners of healthy eateries, and some of them could help you become a bigger presence in your community!


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