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The Wallflower

2420 Main Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

604-568-7554 Visit Website
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The Wallflower


The Wallflower is a place where Omnivores, Carnivores, Vegan, Vegetarian and Celiacs can all dine together in comfort. A place where you can relax in the corner with a good book, catch up with friends or meet new people in the neighbourhood. Inspired by our lovely customers our gluten free and vegan options have evolved in quantity and quality since we first opened our doors January 2009. In short the Wallflower is really just an extension of creator Lisa Skelton's home and you are all her invited guests. Like any great host we want you to feel at home here.

The Wallflower

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The Wallflower

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The Wallflower

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The Wallflower

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The Wallflower