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Marie Catrib’s

1001 Lake Drive Southeast, Grand Rapids, MI, United States

(616) 454-4020 Visit Website
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Marie Catrib’s


Marie Catrib’s

Menu & Featured Items

Featured Items:

Single Platform Menu

Our 3 Appetizers

Trio Of Dips a triumph of delectable dips: hummous, baba ghanouj, and refreshing cucumber yogurt sauce with choice of homemade pita or our super good crackers.

Served With Both Pita And Crackers For

The Squash Season local roasted butternut squash, goat cheese, caramelized onion, shallots and leeks get together and have a party in a tender, flaky pastry crust. served with a sweet-chili may sauce.


Hummous & Crackers marie's ever-so-tasty hummous served with crackly crackers. mmmm.

Served With Both Pita And Crackers For


Cup Of Soup


Bowl Of Soup



The A-m-o sliced avocado, fresh mozzarella, and kalamata olives served on a bed of greens, then drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. very cool and oh-so-smooth.


Spinach Strawberry Salad good for you never tasted so good! fresh baby spinach, strawberries, red onions, and feta cheese served with marie's homespun sweet poppyseed dressing.


Chevre Salad (shehv-ruh, shehv) delightful greens with roasted root vegetables, red onion, and goat cheese topped with toasted walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette.


The Fatouch a lush lebanese salad made marie-style with parsley, greens, green onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes seasoned with fresh garlic, sumac, and olive oil. terrifically tossed with homemade crackers. so good

Add Half An Avocado For

Marie Catribs Caesar Salad fresh greens, green onions, made-to-order garlic croutons, and parmesan cheese, served with marie's own caesar-style dressing.


The Vanderbilt Special greens, tomatoes, red onion, grated parmesan, and our garlic dressing paired with home-baked whole wheat herb slices topped with peppy pesto and goat cheese.



The Larry David lentils, wild rice, tomato, onion and spices make up this very special vegan burger patty. served with spicy tomato jam, grilled onion, spinach, tomato and garlic veganaise on your choice of grilled bread.


The Handyman tasty glazed tofu, grilled seasoned potatoes, roasted red peppers, fresh avocado and hearty garlic spread team up on your choice of grilled bread for some good hearty eatin'.


Blt our well-loved take on an ever-popular classic. creswick farm bacon, garden fresh greens, tomatoes and mayonnaise on your choice of bread.


The Grilled Tuna Salad Sandwich marie's rambunctious tuna pasta salad served with melted cheddar cheese and grilled on your favorite bread.


The Adult Grilled Cheese a sinful combination of feta, goat, and cream cheeses with a drizzle of olive oil and cracked red pepper grilled with fresh tomatoes and basil on your favorite bread.


The Chicken Cranberry scrumptious grilled chicken breast served with provolone and cream cheese, fresh spinach, and our delectable cranberry sauce.


Sweet N Sassy Ham Sandwich black forest ham and mild cheddar meet a sassy combo of caramelized apples and onions spiced with brown sugar and cinnamon on your choice of grilled bread with spicy mustard.


The Porto portobello mushrooms marinated to perfection, served between slices of toasty bread with sauteed onions, tomatoes, provolone cheese, aioli and fresh basil.


The Sergio Leone grilled black forest ham, tomatoes, garlicky mayo, provolone, pesto and greens on your choice of grilled bread.


Sweet Potato & Quinoa Burger our darling of the restaurant! this is made with sweet potatoes, quinoa, onions, cilantro, almonds and spices. served with fresh greens, ginger-tomato chutney and curried veganaise on your choice of bread.


The Salmon Surprise ethically harvested ocean-raised salmon (5 oz.) grilled in a maple-ginger-lime-a-liscious marinade and all riled up with our feta sauce and spinach on your choice of bread.


The Rushin your choice of oven-roasted locally hand-carved turkey or tender corned beef topped with homeade coleslaw, swiss cheese, and our homemade russian dressing grilled to perfection. a dynasty of delish.


The Husky-varna homemade stuffed meatloaf made with local beef and pork, stuffed with cheese, roasted red pepper and spices and served open-face with provolone cheese and marinara sauce on your choice of grilled bread. served with a side of smashed seasoned potatoes.


The Roast Beef thin slices of locally-raised beef roasted locally in our ovens! topped with fresh garden greens, tomatoes, onions, swiss cheese and our frisky feta and horseradish mayonnaise. grilled. mmmm


The Trenton Sandwich - Kropsua have your bacon and eggs for lunch or dinner. three farm-fresh eggs, creswick farm bacon, greens, tomato, and aioli on your choice of bread.


The Chicken Salad marie catrib's charming chicken salad served with fresh greens and crisp tomatoes, on your choice of bread.


Chicken Reuben grilled breast of chicken with feisty sauerkraut, russian dressing, swiss cheese, and onions served on homemade bread, and grilled with good cheer.


Bruce Anchor grilled barramundi fish tacos served with our own creamy garlic-lime-citrus slaw with your choice of flour or corn tortillas.


Marie's Fare

Falafel two mouth-watering fritters of ground chickpeas with special spices, stuffed into a pita with hummous and taboule.


Kibbe a clever mixture of ground round, cracked wheat, onion, and spices baked and then served in our pita with tomato, onion, and cucumber yogurt sauce. now that's good kibbe.


The Tripoli (meat or vegan) homemade stuffed grape leaves, stuffed kibbe, hummous, taboule, homemade yogurt, and pita bread. vegan tripoli includes halva, a tahini-sesame fudge with pistachio instead of yogurt. a fabulous, tempting treat made especially for you!


Shoarma (gyros) thinly sliced locally-raised beef and lamb marinated and roasted in our oven and joined together in our own pita with cucumber yogurt sauce, tomatoes, and onion.


Vegetarian Kibbe cracked wheat, garbanzo beans, onion, and spices baked then served in our pita bread with tomato, onion, and cucumber yogurt sauce. that's also good kibbe.


Deli Sides

Deli Sides #1 baked beans, broccoli & cauliflower, rotini & veggies, carrot pineapple, coleslaw (vegan), curried rice (vegan), potato salad, spaghetti salad (vegan), carrot cucumber (vegan), lebanese potato salad (vegan), tuna salad


Deli Sides #2 baba ghanouj (vegan), chicken salad, greek salad with feta, hummous (vegan), mid-east, mother earth, bulghar wheat salad with sundried fruits, black beans & rice (vegan), greek orzo salad, taboule (vegan)


3 Salad Sampler sample any three salads of your choosing from our deli case (listed under deli sides). served with homemade roll.

Add Pita With Your Sampler For

The Thinkers

Fresh Side Salad with choice of dressing: garlic, russian, caesar, balsamic, poppyseed


Maries Seasoned Potatoes give that overworked, underpaid palette a little breather with these hearty potatoes and marie's seasoning


Homemade Gluten-free Toast light, dark, branny-oat, herb or cinnamon raisin. served with honey-butter and fruit compote.


Layered Parfait so pretty to look at and so tasty too. made with homemade vanilla yogurt and seasonal fruits, then topped with marie's homemade granola. comes with your choice of muffin or toast


Maries Unseasoned Potatoes the same hearty potatoes with just a touch of good salt


Homemade Pita Bread

2 Pitas

Marie Catrib’s

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Marie Catrib’s

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Marie Catrib’s

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Marie Catrib’s