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Chez Tess

5687 Charles St, Halifax, NS, Canada

(902) 406-3133 Visit Website
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Chez Tess


Owner Liz Cunningham moved to Halifax from New York City 12 years ago. After working in the television industry for 32 years, she finally realized her dream of opening a neighborhood restaurant in September 2009. Her friend and local contractor, Rod Malay, had just finished building ÔÇ£The Nile HouseÔÇØ on Charles Street and there was a space available on the ground floor. Liz jumped at the chance. The building is not only beautiful, but green with its geo-thermal heating and cooling as well as its green roof ÔÇô facts that Halifax diners appreciate. Before long, Liz, friends, and family all pitched in to choose colours, refinish chairs and paint walls. Liz remembers the camaraderie. ÔÇ£It was a real labour of love and a collaborative effort.ÔÇØ Over the bar, visitors comment on a beautiful framed picture of Tess, the ownerÔÇÖs mother, for whom the restaurant is named. The reproduction of a 1937 New York newspaper ad features Tess modeling a fur coat for sale at the remarkable price of only $29.98! Liz recalls, ÔÇ£We just couldnÔÇÖt settle on a name for our restaurant. One day, about a year before we opened, my partner said, ÔÇ£Why donÔÇÖt we name it tess after your mom and hang the newspaper ad in the restaurant?ÔÇØ We did.ÔÇØ tess: a friendly, warm, and cozy neighborhood spot is fast becoming a hit with Haligonians who come back time and again.

Chez Tess

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Chez Tess

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Chez Tess

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Chez Tess

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Chez Tess