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Jul 18, 2020

Make Your Next Barbecue More Sustainable

How To Have More Eco-Friendly BBQ’s

A barbecue is always a good time, but it can create a lot of waste. Fortunately, there are many ways to make your next event a more sustainable one. Take a trip to the organic market and listen to some advice from Organic Restaurants, and you can throw an amazing barbecue where even the most eco-conscious person can have some guilt-free fun.

Use Organic Meat

The process used to make and sell organic meat is generally better for the earth than the process used to make conventional meat products. When you buy your meat at an organic food store, you’re getting meat that was made while creating less pollution and fewer emissions. Organic farming methods often mean less usage of chemicals and lower chances of overgrazing as well. Additionally, when you’re opting for organic meat you’re often getting it from small, local farmers. This means that the meat may have less distance to travel than meat from a factory farm would, ensuring that even the transport of the product you’re using is more eco-friendly.

Explore Meat Alternatives

There are also alternatives to meat that can make for a great meal or side dish at a barbecue.

Meat-Free Burgers: There are now so many meat-free burger options on the market that it might get hard to choose one! There are options like the “Beyond” burger, which is meant to taste like a real burger. There are bean-based burgers made with chickpeas or black beans. There are also a variety of veggie-based burgers that taste great and could make your barbecue a bit more sustainable.

Tofu: A complete meat substitute could also be a great addition to the menu. There are many ways to cook tofu with various marinades and dry rubs, so there are a lot of ways to go and no reason that this vegetarian option has to be boring.

Fruits and Vegetables: There are a variety of fruits and vegetables that taste great after some time on the grill. You’ve probably already had meat kabobs that also have vegetables on them, but you can also make ones that are completely made from vegetables. Squash, tomatoes, peppers, baby potatoes, eggplant, and chunks of carrot all make great ingredients, and you can get creative. There are also some types of fruit, like watermelon and peaches, that might just surprise you with their flavor when they’re grilled.

Use Real Plates and Utensils

Using real plates and utensils can also make your barbecue more sustainable. Yes, your cups, dishes, and forks will have to be washed afterward, which uses up resources, but it’s still far more wasteful to use all those disposal plates, cups, and utensils for every person at your barbecue. The problem with disposable utensils and place settings is that it costs resources to make them. Even if you think that you bought a greener disposable product, items covered in food often can’t be recycled. It’s just wiser to use real plates and utensils if the environment is your concern.

Your Sustainability and Organic Food Experts

Making an effort to live a more sustainable life doesn’t mean that you have to forget about having fun. At Organic Restaurants, we can help you enjoy activities, like barbecues, while lowering your carbon footprint and making the most out of your healthier food choices.

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