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Aug 12, 2020

Making Healthy Food Choices At Restaurants

Can You Really Eat Healthy At Restaurants?

In a world of thousand calorie appetizers, sugary drinks, and salty side dishes, it can seem like going out to eat is just going to be unhealthy by default. At Organic Restaurants, however, we know that it’s possible to make better food choices when dining out. There are plenty of healthy organic food options to pick from at many restaurants, and you’ll feel good after eating them.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

If you order a soda, that restaurant might offer free refills. It’s a good deal in theory, but depending on how quickly you drink you could end up going through your original soda and a refill or two by the time your meal is done. That can add up to a lot of calories.

We recommend seriously thinking about whether or not you need a sugary or alcoholic drink with your meal. If you really want one, order it when the waiter brings out your entree. That gives you less time to drink and can keep you to a more reasonable amount of liquid calories over the course of your night out.

Get a Filling, Healthy Appetizer

A filling and healthy appetizer can stop you from overeating. Remember, restaurant portions tend to be larger than the portions of your homemade meals. A healthy appetizer with filling ingredients like vegetables, instead of a deep fried, salty appetizer that encourages you to drink more alcohol or soda, can make a huge difference for your calorie intake. You can also order dressing on the side when you get an appetizer like a salad, giving you even more control over how many calories you’re consuming.

Ask About Other Sides

Some meals come with a side like french fries by default, but there may be some alternative side dishes available. A baked potato, a vegetable plate, or another healthy option could dramatically lower how many calories your meal contains. Sometimes a substitution or option isn’t listed on a menu, but it can’t hurt to ask if there’s another, healthier option that you can have in place of a fried side dish.

Get Smaller Portions

If there’s the option to make your meal bigger, don’t do it. Restaurants often don’t charge too much for this kind of deal, so it seems like a wise investment, but remember what we mentioned earlier. Restaurant portions are already quite large most of the time. Opting for an even larger meal might just leave you overstuffed and put you way over your daily recommended calorie intake.

Don’t Be Afraid to Leave Leftovers

Don’t force yourself to finish your food if you’re not hungry. Eat until you’re satisfied. If there’s some left over, see if anyone wants to share. If they don’t, get a doggy bag and have leftovers for later! There’s no rule that says you have to stuff yourself and finish your meal all in one sitting.

For More Healthy Dining Ideas

If you’re looking for other ways to incorporate more organic food choices into your diet or find more vegetarian organic restaurants near you, we can help. Visit the Organic Restaurants website today and see all of the resources that we have to offer!

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