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May 15, 2021

Ten Food Trends for the Home Chef

If you’re cooking at home and looking for new things to do, these trends in home cooking might inspire you. It may be the perfect time to get to your local organic farmers market and find the ingredients that you need to cook up some amazing meals at home.

“Heritage” Cooking

More people are going to be focusing on the past when it comes to cooking. Now’s a great time to experiment with old family recipes. Make meals the way grandma did and then, as you get more confident, start putting your twists on old favorites.

A Move Towards the Familiar

On that same note, comfort food is sure to be big in the coming months. We’ve all had it rough with the recent pandemic, and people are going to turn towards comforting favorites.

More Interesting Condiments

Another recent home cooking trend involves the use of more creative condiments. Ketchup, barbecue sauce, and mayonnaise will always have a place, but some home chefs are experimenting with different types of dipping sauces, aiolis, and other condiments. Some might even dabble in homemade versions of products found in their grocery store, like sauerkraut.

Restaurant-Like Presentation

For most of us, dining out over the last year was a rarity, if it happened at all. So home chefs now have the chance to make their food and offer a restaurant-like experience at home. This can come down to presentation, the offering of multiple courses at dinner, or anything else that elevates a meal at home to something a little more exciting.

Rising Use of Meat Substitutes, like Tofu

More people are experimenting with meat substitutes. Tofu, jackfruit, seitan, and other popular plant-based products can allow you to put a different spin on some of your favorite dishes, or you can take the time to try out something brand new.

More Plant-Based Meals in General

On that same note, more cooks are experimenting with plant-based meals in general. Whether you’re just trying to get healthier or looking for something a bit different, plant-based meals offer bold new flavors and plenty of nutrients.

More Fermenting, Canning, and Preserving

More home chefs are also fermenting, canning, and preserving their foods. This can be a great way to conserve ingredients so that they do not go bad. Fermenting can also allow you to create flavorful foods that are full of probiotics.

The Secret Ingredient: Mushrooms!

If you’re cooking at home, using more mushrooms is a must. They have a ton of flavor. They offer plenty of nutrients. And they can be used in so many different types of meals. There’s a reason this key ingredient is growing in popularity.

More Alternative Sugars

More alternatives to sugar are coming to your kitchen, in both granulated and liquid forms. There are options like coconut sugar and maple sugar that can help you change up recipes. Some, like maple sugar, can even be used in Keto meals or foods consumed by diabetics.

Supporting Local

More home chefs are supporting their local economics by going to farmer’s markets and other local businesses to get the healthy and fresh ingredients that they need. Buying local is going to be big in the coming months and years.

Learn More About Cooking Healthy at Home

If you want to learn more about cooking new and exciting meals at home, check out the Organic Restaurants blog. It’s full of tips and news about the latest trends.

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