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Feb 16, 2021

How Restaurants Can Support Small Local Farms

There are many reasons for your restaurant to have a good relationship with local farms. Supporting a local farmer by buying right from them is beneficial in a number of ways, whether you’re looking to just do better by your city or you want to attract new customers. Here’s how sourcing ingredients for your fresh organic food from small and local farms can help your restaurant.

Diners Like to Buy Local

This comes up a lot these days. More and more diners want to know more about where their food is coming from. And when they have the option, many of them prefer to buy local. These diners are supporting you, instead of a big chain, so it just makes sense that the kind of customers who would gravitate towards your restaurant would also like to help other local businesses. That includes small farms nearby. If you tell these types of customers that you’re sourcing your ingredients locally, they will keep coming back because they want to buy and support local.

It Seems Healthier

If you’re getting your produce from a small farm, the impression is that it’s healthier. There are no GMOs or pesticides involved. The local farmer is growing everything with care. That’s what people think of when they think “organic” or think of small farms. That impression can attract customers and keep them coming back.

There’s a Lower Carbon Footprint

If you’re buying ingredients and produce locally, that leaves behind a smaller carbon footprint. Many restaurants ship in their food from big farms that are located far away. A local farm is expending less fuel and creating fewer emissions when they ship the ingredients you purchased from their farm to your restaurant’s kitchen. If you want your business to be greener in any way possible, supporting small, local farmers can help you achieve that goal.

It Boosts the Local Economy

When you buy local, all of that money is going right back into the local economy. You might be helping that small farmer buy more land or more equipment so that they can continue to provide you and other local customers with even more fresh produce. Instead of buying from a big, faceless farm from who knows where, you’re putting money back into your town or city.

You Get Access to Great Seasonal Ingredients

When you work with a local farmer, you also could end up getting access to some unique seasonal ingredients that you may not have thought to buy in bulk from a bigger farmer. Seasonal produce can be used to create unique specials that keep your customers coming back.

It’s Not Just Produce

Farmers don’t just sell produce. Depending on who you buy from, a farm could also sell fresh milk, eggs, and many other products that can end up being useful to your restaurant. There are a lot of possibilities here.

Support Your Local Economy

So seriously think about supporting your local farmers in these trying times, and visit the Organic Restaurants website to learn more about what you can do to boost business and your local economy. A deal between your eatery and a small farm can benefit both!

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