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Jul 22, 2021

Storytelling Through Food

Food doesn’t have to just be something you eat when you’re hungry. Plenty of chefs and restaurants can do so much more with the dishes they prepare. They can even tell stories about the food that they serve in their restaurants.

At Organic Restaurants, we love a meal that tells us a story. Whether you want to say something about your family, your culture, or your history, here’s how you can tell your story through the organic meals you prepare.

Show Your Sources of Inspiration

Telling your customers where your food came from can help them understand why it’s so important to you. If you’re inspired by your childhood experiences, your family or ancestry, or a particular event from your past, your menu can let people know. Is this a regional dish? Did you get this recipe from your grandmother? Is this food linked to good memories?

Obviously, you don’t want to get too wordy, but a short blurb about each of your specialty meals can do a lot to tell your story. It can also show customers how much love and care is going into your food, which can make them into loyal customers who value what you have to offer.

Talk About How the Final Product Came to Be

Sometimes the items on the menu don’t come to you fully formed. Instead, they require a bit of work and need to be tweaked over and over again until they’re just right. This is a good story as well, and don’t doubt that your customers will appreciate how much work you put into crafting a dish that they love.

Consider Your Decor

Your restaurant itself can also help tell a story alongside your food. Think about adding artwork, sculptures, and other decorations from the region where your food came from to your dining area. These can serve as conversation pieces that can help people learn more about your food and the traditions behind it.

Sometimes, Keep it Simple

If you want to tell the story behind your food and evoke a certain feeling, sometimes keeping it simple works best. When you’re looking at different items and thinking about how to describe them, sometimes just a word or two will do enough to show what you’re trying to do with a dish. A dessert that’s meant for “date night,” a “traditional” meal, a dish made with “Mom’s recipe,” or a “childhood” favorite. Any of these can do a lot to tell the story of your food, where it came from, and what people should feel when they experience it for themselves.

Support Local Restaurants

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