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Mar 15, 2021

How To Shop In Season

Adding the right foods to your shopping cart in the right seasons can enhance your diet. Shopping in season can get you delicious food at better prices, and give you the chance to experiment with new homemade organic dishes. Make the most out of fresh food in every season with these tips from Organic Restaurants.

The Chance to Shop Local

When you shop in season, you have the chance to buy local. One of the easiest ways to get produce that’s in season is by visiting the farmers market near you. You’ll meet local farmers who grow everything themselves, and you’ll quickly notice that they have different items available depending on the time of year.

You can also try a CSA in your area. A CSA or community-supported agriculture gives you boxes of produce in exchange for upfront investment in a local farm. The produce is going to be in season, so it’s as fresh as can be and ready to be eaten.

You’ll Get More Nutrients from Your Food

Your favorite fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, but those vitamins and minerals found in produce can deteriorate over time. Once the fruit is picked off of the vine, it begins to lose some of the stuff that makes it so healthy and delicious.

When you shop in season and shop local, the produce you’re buying is fresher. It’s closer to you, so it doesn’t have to travel too far and shed nutrients on the way. The produce doesn’t just taste better when it’s in season. It could be better for you too.

You’ll Try More Produce

When you buy produce in season, you might end up getting the chance to try out more fruits and veggies that you wouldn’t have normally bought. If you buy from a local farmer, they might have a suggestion for you when you ask what’s in season. A box from a CSA can often contain produce that you might not have bought on your own. When you buy in season, you get to enjoy vegetables and fruit that you already love along with new options that could soon become staples in your crisper drawer.

You’ll Save Money

If you see produce at the store and it seems expensive, know that there’s a reason for it. That produce is likely out of season, which means that it had to be shipped in from far away. Buying produce that’s in season is less expensive, allowing you to stretch that grocery budget so that you can purchase more healthy items.

As we mentioned, the produce shipped in from far away could be less nutritious as well. So buy local and in season. Get more nutritious produce, support local farms, and save money while you do it.

Add More Healthy Food to Your Diet

The Organic Restaurants blog has plenty of tips for you. If you’re looking for more healthy food options and ways to make the most out of your local organic farmers market, we can help. Visit today and learn more about shopping in season and living healthily!


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