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Mar 10, 2021

Why Less is More on Your Organic Menu

It’s tempting to keep adding to your menu when you run an organic restaurant. Diners like choices after all, right? This may not be the right path forward for your establishment though. At Organic Restaurants, we’ve seen plenty of healthy and organic food places for ourselves. Some find more success by limiting the menu and specializing in a few different items. That may be the best move for your restaurant.

You Create an Identity

When you have a more limited menu, you can create your own identity for your restaurant. A place that just serves everything can seem kind of fleeting, without a real core. An organic restaurant that serves a variety of specialties can seem like a unique establishment, and that could help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

You Save on Ingredients

One problem with a big menu is that it means keeping a lot of ingredients on hand. If an item isn’t popular, the ingredients used to make it could end up going bad. If you’re concerned about food waste, having items go bad on you because one item on a crowded menu isn’t selling is a problem. With a more specialized, thought-out menu, you run less of a risk of certain items not selling as well and costing you money over time.

Your Dishes are More Likely to Impress

If you specialize in a few different dishes, they are more likely to impress diners. You’re passionate about making these foods. That shows. At the same time, if you just add something to the menu because you think that you should, it may not be as good. If someone orders that, they may not be as impressed by your establishment. If you stick to your specialties, your passion for the food will show.

You Keep Quality High

Because you have fewer dishes to make, you can make sure that quality remains high. If you’re all over the place and cooking all different types of cuisine, it’s easier for something to fall through the cracks. Instead, focus on what you know and keep that quality high so that diners keep coming back.

Diners Like a Shorter Menu

It may seem counter-intuitive, but many diners like a shorter menu. There are fewer options to sort through and that’s preferable to some people. Having lots of choices is great, but when there is a more limited selection of options it gives the diner an impression that everything is quality.

You Can Allow for Customization Options

Instead of offering a bunch of different foods, a shorter menu frees you up to offer more custom options. Think of some fast-casual chains, like Chipotle or Five Guys, where menu options seem limited but there are many extras and add-ons that customers can ask for to make their meal perfect.

Learn More About Attracting Diners

The Organic Restaurants website is full of more useful tips on how to attract diners and make the most out of the menu at your eatery. Whether you just have a few organic menu items or your entire menu is made up of organic dishes, our blog can help you.

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